Spread, also known as Spread It, is a transformative social media company that promotes knowledge sharing from trusted sources. It prioritizes safety and intellectual exploration, aiming to elevate conversations by democratizing access to valuable ideas.
Ideas that Matter

Spread, often referred to as Spread It, is a transformative web and app-based social media company that redefines online discourse. The brand’s name symbolizes the act of spreading knowledge from trusted individuals. With safety-by-design principles at its core, Spread serves as a knowledge-sharing platform where individuals, known as “Spreaders,” share what they are reading—Author, Title, and Links only—encouraging intellectual exploration and healthy community dialogue. Their tagline, “Spread Ideas That Matter” reflects their mission to elevate the quality of conversations by democratizing access to knowledge. The goal of Spread is to combat the flaws of traditional social media by becoming the go-to platform for those seeking to engage in informed discussions and to provide valuable insights. Their core values emphasize mission-driven commitment, safety, community, ownership, and continuous improvement.

Knowledge Sharing Features

Building upon the foundation of knowledge sharing and safety, Spread offers a range of innovative features that empower Spreaders to curate and engage with high-quality content. Here’s a closer look at some of the key features:
Effortless Sharing:
• Easily share what you’re reading, including author, title, and source links, for concise and insightful sharing.
• Safety First: We employ advanced AI and moderation tools to ensure only trusted sources are shared, creating a misinformation-free space.
• Community Engagement: Encourage meaningful discussions, fostering diverse perspectives and open, respectful discourse.
• Tailored Content: Our algorithm personalizes feeds based on your interests, helping you discover new ideas.
• Ownership & Privacy: You control your contributions and privacy settings, ensuring your comfort.
• Continuous Enhancement: We’re dedicated to improving the platform based on user feedback and evolving best practices.

Content Sharing Arena

One of the distinctive design challenges that sets Spread apart is its role as a content-sharing proxy rather than a content creation space. Unlike traditional social media platforms where content is generated, Spread is a dynamic forum solely dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of valuable ideas from trusted sources. This distinction enables Spread to foster a focused environment for intellectual exploration and meaningful dialogue. By embracing the role of a proxy, Spread empowers its users to share and exchange knowledge without the burden of content generation, promoting a safer, more insightful, and clutter-free digital space.