A leading computer software company specializing in AI-based solutions for detecting malicious content online. ActiveFence, are dedicated to providing a sustainable and scalable software platform that empowers companies to monitor and combat malicious activities in the digital world.
Enhancing Online Safety at Scale

When we first engaged with ActiveFence in 2020, they were delivering extracted moderation reports to their clients. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and adaptable solution, they sought to create a SaaS moderation platform. This is where our collaboration began.The Moderation PlatformTogether with ActiveFence, we embarked on a journey to define the diverse needs and requirements of their clients. Our goal was to develop an inbox-zero oriented platform capable of effectively highlighting suspicious and unwanted content across various verticals of violations. This platform would enable different actions, such as keeping an item, removing it, or suspending it, and offer in-depth analysis for better risk assessment based on exposure, risk score, violation type, and more.

Daily Signals
Moderation Reports

Once the moderation Platform was established, we turned our attention to designing the data visualization for the moderation history reports. Our aim was to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the moderation process, allowing them to query and export specific violations, time frames, granularities, and other relevant data. Leveraging our existing design system, which encompassed all the components used in the previous tool, we ensured consistency and enhanced our agile approach for seamless development.

Automated Workflows

To further streamline the moderation process, we introduced an automated workflow tool. This powerful feature allowed ActiveFence’s clients to create specific rules and conditions tailored to their respective verticals and use cases. The challenge lay in striking a balance between complexity and user-friendliness, ensuring that moderators could efficiently utilize the system without requiring programming skills. By dividing the workflow system into separate conditions and actions, we enabled the visual building blocks to accommodate additional criteria, facilitating a unified workflow and seamless item processing.

The Design System

By implementing a robust design system, we aimed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire team. This approach allowed us to maintain brand integrity, meet design requirements, and adapt to changes seamlessly. The ultimate objective was to facilitate a smoother and more streamlined design and development process while upholding the product’s essence.

Working with WeHover has been an absolute delight! Their innovative solutions and design expertise have elevated our products at ActiveFence. From ideation to execution, their user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces have impressed us. Highly recommended for top-notch product design services.
Yoav Lapid
Yoav Lapid
Director of Product