Metaverse Diamonds

A fully digitally designed experience for the connoisseurs of both diamonds and the Metaverse. Through cutting-edge scanning technology, Metaverse Diamonds bring the ethereal beauty of real-life diamonds into the digital sphere, crafting NFT digital diamonds
Crafting the Metaverse Diamonds Brand

Collaborating with weareunder, we meticulously crafted the Metaverse Diamonds brand. The brand captures the essence of a high-end boutique, seamlessly blending classic diamond aesthetics with a futuristic twist inspired by the Metaverse and cryptocurrency culture. Our brand palette features a vibrant array of neon colors, complemented by both abnormal fonts and classic serif typefaces.

The Components: 
Where Innovation Meets Tradition

The website houses a standard diamond inventory, yet it’s far from ordinary. We’ve integrated an array of filtering options, complete with sliders, drop-downs, and toggles, ensuring a user-friendly and tailored experience. To complement our brand, we’ve designed custom icons that resonate with the sophistication and uniqueness of Metaverse Diamonds.

The Design System

Metaverse Diamonds isn’t just a project; it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence. We’ve meticulously curated a comprehensive design system, streamlining the process of adding layouts, templates, and components. This system, coupled with a detailed handoff for production, ensures a seamless and efficient development journey.

"Collaborating with WeHover was exceptional. Their dedication to Metaverse Diamonds is evident in every detail. The seamless fusion of high-end diamond aesthetics with futuristic elements is a testament to their creative prowess. Grateful for the collaboration that brought Metaverse Diamonds to life"
Roy Eliav
Roy Eliav
Founder of Metaverse Diamonds