Everfresh Packaging

Everfresh Packaging offers a variety of innovative food and produce packaging options, which are designed to extend shelf life, improve sales displays and maintain freshness and food quality. Their mission is to become the leading provider in specialty packaging solutions, by offering high quality products and customer service.
Packaging variety

Everfresh Packaging commissioned us to create a new website that showcases their variety of packaging products, such as sandwich and bread packaging, fruit and vegetable packaging that prompts freshness and more. The website contains a product inventory that is connected to the company’s inventory management software, and presents product availability per category.

Primary Goals

A fresh rebrand that injects the brand with a little more personality. Its Green, and Brown color scheme brings a sense of fresheness, making the brand feel more welcoming—exactly what you want in order to establish a well-defined, effective identity

An easy-to-use digital platform Inventory with the ability to contain thousands of different products

Create a website that is a strong lead generator and a natural form of marketing. A website with a great conversion funnel that takes users effortlessly through the buyer journey and provide more user-satisfaction.

“Very flexible and pleasant to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or recommend to my peers.”
Netta Edan-Harel
Netta Edan-Harel
Market Manager