Baitov is an innovative property management company based in Israel, offering various services for real estate owners, such as rental management, tenant screening, 24/7 property maintenance, contract negotiations and lots of other tailored, VIP-like service offerings.
Website Creation

In this project, we collaborate with Israeli-based Studio Plain to create a website for newly-form Baitov. Basing the design and look-and-feel upon branding from Plain, we created a fully responsive, multilingual website (English, French and Hebrew), that serves as the main marketing asset for our client. The website showcases the different services they offer, their green, “echo thinking” agenda, and apartments listings across all of Israel.

"The guys did a fantastic job creating the new website for Baitov. A fantastic service, we would highly recommend and we will continue to work with them."
Shahar Hemo
Shahar Hemo
Owner & Creative Director at Plain
Sales Boost Strategy

Like all businesses Baitov what to Increase sales, the objectives in this case are desigening with emphasis on, well-organized content, adding all the properties they have yo offer in one place and highlighting the relevant info for potential and current customers.
In addition to a user-friendly site, we gave special attention to effective calls to action in order to increase conversion rate.

Brand Elevation Process

We were handed Baitov’s style guide (logo usage, color palette, typography, photography style) by Plain studio. This ensures the website reflects the company’s personality — a key attribute to a brand consistency from one medium to the next.

Once we see which branding elements are off-limits, we then discuss which elements are NOT off-limits. From our experience, many businesses are relatively flexible with their typography and color palette, so it’s a natural conversation.

The branding guide contained fonts that weren’t web-friendly, so we found similar replacements. The color palette was too limiting so we broaded the palette with some complimentary colors.

A more sophisticated color palette and a web-friendly font pairing increases our chances to delivering a richer visual design.