Our Varied Clientele

Navigating the diverse landscape of SaaS platform branding involves catering to companies at different stages of their evolution. From addressing the refined needs of established brands to sculpting brand-new identities for early-stage ventures, WeHover has embraced the challenge of bridging the gap between traditional branding and the distinct demands of the digital landscape.

Understanding the SaaS Canvas

In the intricate dance of SaaS platforms, we’ve learned that branding goes beyond logos and color schemes. Colors, for instance, serve as more than visual elements; they communicate functionality and meaning within a digital interface. A careful consideration of how colors evoke emotions and guide user actions is paramount in creating a seamless and effective brand presence.

Adapting Logos and Icons

The conventional logo takes on new dimensions in the digital realm. We’ve recognized the need for adaptable logos, especially in the context of collapsible navigation or the favicon space. A logo that thrives in various digital contexts, from expansive platform headers to compact app icons, is an essential part of the digital branding puzzle.

Typography’s Role in Readability

In the SaaS environment, readability is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Fonts that may dazzle on a billboard may falter when reduced to small sizes on a dashboard. We navigate the delicate balance between brand continuity and functionality, choosing fonts that maintain brand characteristics while ensuring information is presented clearly and legibly.

Color as Function

Colors within a SaaS platform are not arbitrary; they have a function. They convey information, provide feedback, and guide user interactions. Understanding the psychology of colors and their impact on user experience is integral to creating a harmonious and effective digital brand presence.

The ‘Product Brand’ Process

Recognizing that branding is not just a relic of the past but an ongoing process, we’ve introduced the ‘product brand’ approach. This methodology ensures that every element, from colors to logos to typography, is not just a reflection of the brand but a functional asset within the digital product, aligning seamlessly with its purpose and user experience.


Delving into the intricacies of Saas platform branding, WeHover’s commitment to marrying traditional branding principles with the dynamic needs of digital products becomes evident. In a landscape where every pixel matters, our ‘product brand’ process ensures that our clients not only have a brand but a digital identity that resonates with users, fosters engagement, and stands the test of technological evolution. At WeHover, we don’t just design brands; we craft digital experiences that leave a lasting imprint on the SaaS landscape, always considering the unique journey of each client.