Our Esteemed Clients

At the core of our narrative lies a collaboration with diverse and influential clients, each contributing to the cybersecurity realm in a unique way. From ActiveFence, empowering trust and safety teams to combat online harm across various content formats, to SkyHawk Security, pioneering Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) to map and remediate threats to cloud infrastructure, we have left an indelible mark in the cybersecurity domain.

Tailored Design Solutions

Central to our success is the ability to create well-structured design systems for each client, aligning with their brand essence and the unique demands of the cybersecurity industry. For ActiveFence, our design approach involved building a sophisticated moderation platform that prioritizes an ‘inbox zero’ mentality. This platform enables users to inspect and deep dive into each item, understanding immediate detection elements and additional layers for a comprehensive analysis.
For SkyHawk Security, we implemented innovative solutions such as threat detection lists and visualizations of timelines for items. These additions provide users with a comprehensive understanding of potential threats, enhancing their ability to map and remediate issues efficiently.

Neutral Branding for Verdict Clarity

Understanding the criticality of verdict colors in the cybersecurity domain, we embraced a neutral color palette for our design, emphasizing the importance of a scalable verdict color scale. This not only enhances the user experience but also creates a visual understanding of the severity of violations or risks, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.

Risk Rate Components and Dashboards

In the realm of cybersecurity, the creation of different ‘risk rate’ components and intuitive dashboards is paramount. We tailored our designs to provide users with a comprehensive overview, saving valuable time in making informed decisions. These dashboards offer insights into potential threats and aid in mapping and remediation, reinforcing our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness.


Reflecting on our journey in the cybersecurity domain, WeHover stands as a beacon of design innovation, championing trust and safety in the digital realm. Our commitment to crafting user-centric, industry-specific design solutions has solidified lasting relationships, playing a pivotal role in securing the online world. In an industry where threats are as dynamic as the digital landscape itself, WeHover’s experience as seasoned cybersecurity product designers continues to shape the future of digital security.